black bile
Aug 23, 2014
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tw losing liquids, crying & peeing at once

never get involved w a boy you met in a parking garage at midnight

I have scratch n sniff stickers on the back of my phone and now my fingers smell like strawberries

please don’t read the fine print. how can something that doesn’t exist effect me so much how can something that’s just an idea go so fast

it’s my moms birthday and I can cry if I want to

happiness comes with a warning label and side effects

Aug 22, 2014
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picnic w my boy (used the basket to hold him, no food)

I just made like 100 cookies & now I’m drinking cranberry juice out of a wine glass I can’t wait be a housewife

you know what I’m looking forward to senior year and off campus lunch, instead of sitting in the bathroom alone inside the school I can go to a different bathroom everyday off campus in exciting places like the movie theater or the cowboy store

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has anyone gotten “wish you were here” tattooed on their dick yet

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I’m in a bubble my breath is fogging up my bubble but it’s so warm I don’t want to get out


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